About BitGold International

BitGold Company provides services on purchasing, storage, delivery and distribution of gold bullion from 1 to 1kilo gram.

Administrative office of the Company is in the United Kingdom (40 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SE).

The bonus program has been working for about 5 years now with more than 200,000 successful clients in 120 countries of the world. It has an online shop at

For market promotion purposes the Company choses a strategy of partnership marketing or network marketing or multilevel marketing. Due to the special service of collective purchases, each client can arrange his high income in gold. Information and training is provided and all partners can find it at the advertising section in their back office.

Cooperation with the BitGold International is a real opportunity to start and develop your own online-business using the most modern technologies of online promotion.

BitGold deals only with "24Carats Gold Bars" the purest & finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights & sizes ranging btw 1grm-1Kilo.

The company offers those who participate and invest in its marketing program with bonus and residual or passive income.

Client and Partners of BitGold International can do the following at the online shop at

1. Buy gold bars ranging from 1 to 1Kilo. The company sells gold bars along from other renown refiners and producers namely: argor-heraeus (switzerland), degussa (germany), valcambi (switzerland)

2. The company buy back gold bar purchase from them

3. They can arrange safe keeping for your gold bars with aurthorised gold vault at 0.1% value of your gold per month

4. They can also arrange delivery of your gold bars via insured courier. Cost is around 55€ per delivery or pick it up at the office in your country. Max quantity to be delivered depends on delivery location due to varying customs laws

The gold sold by BitGold International is raw 24karats 999.9 . The highest purity of gold and the SG branded bars comes with special features to protect bullions from counterfeiting.

BitGold also have a debit master card and partners can order it at 20€. Card will be linked to your BitGold euro account.

So a client who wants to buy gold can register online at, verify account by submitting valid id and document to verify name and address provided then select gold bars and pay for the order OR if willing to participate in the bonus program, select the program of choice and pay your share for the other.

The Bonus Plan

People save money in precious metals such as gold as they are products that hardly loose value. During the last 45years , gold prices increased in 40times and as such makes it inaccessible for majority of people.

The BitGold - Gold Accumulation Plan (GAP) makes gold bullions available and accessible to everyone willing to participate in the program. By helping to increase the company's turnover due to your referral, a partner gets 25% of the completed orders by 2 customers to purchase gold bars.

The order can be 110€,220€,420€,840€,1050€,2050€,4050€,6050€,8050€ and 1050€ as ahown below. Partners are expected to make a deposit contribution toward order of their choice. Admin fee also applies too.

Please note. Compensations are paid from the company's turn over. So buy your gold and encourage others to do same. That way we generate the required turn over and get gold.

10% of every bonus is used to fund the leadership program which is another income stream in the business where you get paid whenever anyone in your structure gets paid.

Your Gold.

Once you qualify and earn your gold. It will be placed in your storage.

If you have your gold in your storage you can either

1. Keep in storage

2. Request delivery

3. Sell gold back to the company and they will pay the proceeds into your euro account.

Money in your BitGold euro account can either be

1. Withdrawn into a bank account

2 . Used to generate coupons and sold to new customers so they can use it to pay for their orders. You will be paid in your local currency in exchange for the coupon

3. You can spend with your BitGold master card

Please. Take time to read through and let's know if you have any questions.

BitGold! Change your life!

BitGold International Business Program

The business Comprises of 10 contracts

The break down of the BitGold International Contract is found below.

How to Join

1. Register online - Go to

Use any of the following sponsor code


2. Verify your email address. After successful registration, a welcome email is sent to your registered email. Click on the email verification linking

Login to your account - On the dashboard, click on buy plan or click on my plan menu to select a plan

Invite two customers and start earning gold and cash