Winter Cruise 2018

There is nothing like sea, sun, the company of cheerful and purposeful people, isn't it? Swissgolden Corporation brings forward a promotion action for all its customers. Everyone who wants to attend this feast of life, should know the following: On the 1st of January 2017 a new promotion action has been started. During this promotion each client has the great opportunity not only to expand his business but also to relax and get a lot of unique, positive emotions with the greatest of the leaders of our company, set out in Summer Cruise 2018. Participation in this promotion allows every client to improve his or her financial position and increase their structures.

Rules of the promotion action

All clients of Swissgolden take part in the action. Points are charged to every new client being in Main, VIP and VIP PLUS tables during the promotion action period action from 01.01.2017 - 31.12.17.

Promotion is open to all customers.

Example: Your personal referrals are I (the first) line. For each of them, you get 1 point. Next, that is II (the second) line, are customers, which were invited by your referrals and for them you get 2 points. When referrals, which were invited by your referrals (II line ) add new clients, you get 4 points for every client, as a member of III (the third) line.

General conditions

1. For the closing of the main table by your I (the first) line, you get 25 points.

2. For the closing of the main table by your II (the second) line, you get 50 points.

3. For the closing of the main table by your III (the third) line, you get 100 points.

4. For the accounts which are placed in the VIP table the rules are the same as for those placed in the main table.

5. For the accounts which are placed on VIP plus table, the rules are identical to the rules of the main table.

6. In the promotion action take part new Orders made since 01.01.2017 - 31.12.17.

7. The winners of the promotion action will be 15 people having the most points during the whole period of the promotion action.

8. The rating will be published on the website and in private offices throughout the promotion.

9. The results of the promotion will be published on the site on 01.01.18.

10. The winners will be rewarded with a trip - Cruise on a luxury liner.

11. In case that a partner changes his sponsor:

а) points for invitation of that partner are deducted from the current sponsor's points and in his structure;

b) points are not charged to the new sponsor and his structure for invitations and tables completion using the order of that partner who has changed sponsor.

Don`t miss this great opportunity, which The Swissgolden company gives their most active customers. Try to be among them, and perhaps it will be you who will earn this trip!